No cover art available


3 Song Demo Cassette – 19??

  1. Hallucinating
  2. Full of Sin
  3. Think of Me


fboyzSinninOriginal fboyzSinnin fboyzSinnin2

Sinnin’ Like Mad 7" - 1988

Truth About Fonzie

  1. Psycho
  2. Don't Fuck Me Up
  3. Satellite Kitchen
  4. Bus of Doom
  5. Sexist and Proud

The top image is the original cover for Sinnin’ Like Mad. The two record covers below are ones Matty made in the 90's when the band found a box of unsold copies of Sinnin without covers.



Rock 'n' Roll Problem 7" - 1990

Truth About Fonzie

  1. Hallucinating
  2. Full of Sin
  3. Rock and Roll Problem



Smooth Taste Low Tar Cassette - 1992

  1. Fonzie
  2. Borracho
  3. Give
  4. Nurse
  5. Sawgrass
  6. Melt With You



Love American Gladiator Style 7" 1992

Truth About Fonzie

  1. Stick Fish
  2. Florida
  3. Dig
  4. Postal Employee


fboyz333 01 fboyz333 02

333 x Up & Down 7" - 1993

Incognito Records

  1. Goin' Nowhere
  2. Bible & Malt Liquor
  3. Prozac



Captain 9’s & the Knickerbocker Trio / Fuckboyz Split 7" - 1993

Truth About Fonzie

  1. Borracho
  2. Nurse



Fuckboyz vs. The Hawaiian Mafia 7" - 1993

Last Resort Records

  1. The Last Honest Auto Mechanic in America
  2. New Song #12
  3. Chapels of Reno
  4. Love Song #2176



Probe #3 Compilation - 1994

Probe Records

  1. Sodomy Laws (Were Meant To Be Broken)



Napoleon Compilation - 1994

Monkey Bite Records

  1. Errol Flynn Was A Motherfucker



Destroy All Mediocrity - 1994

TPOS 100

  1. At Heart



Tribute to the Fuckboyz - 1994

Farmhouse, Monkey Bite, and Six Weeks Records

  1. Nurse - Red #9
  2. Prozac - All You Can Eat
  3. Hallucinating - 40% Saline Solution
  4. Rock ‘n’ Roll Problem - Woolly Mammoth
  5. Chapels of Reno - Idiot Bitch
  6. Don't Fuck Me Up - Krupted Peasant Farmerz
  7. Stick Fish - Your Mother
  8. Hit Me With Your Best Shot - The Dread



Fer Shure: A Tribute to the Valley Girl Soundtrack Comp CD - 1997

Itchy Korean Records

Came out in 1997 but was recorded around the time of Rock 'n' Roll Problem (1990.)

  1. Fuckboyz - I Melt With You (Modern English Cover)


No cover art available

Fuckboyz Live at Haps 07/15/1993

  1. Entire set

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (The Fuckboyz Story) CD - 2006

Fast Crowd Records

  1. Psycho 88
  2. Don't Fuck Me Up
  3. Satellite Kitchen
  4. Bus Of Doom
  5. Daddy Was A Mummy
  6. The Gun
  7. Jap Girl
  8. Rock N Roll Problem
  9. Hallucinating
  10. Full Of Sin
  11. Ready To Please
  12. Dingo Dan
  13. Sister Elaine
  14. Fuckboy
  15. Stop The World
  16. Stickfish
  17. Florida
  18. Dig
  19. Postal Employee
  20. Borracho
  21. Nurse
  22. The Last Honest Auto Mechanic In America
  23. New Song
  24. Chapels Of Reno
  25. Love Song
  26. Sodomy Laws Were Meant To Be Broken
  27. Goin Nowhere
  28. The Bible And Malt Liquor
  29. Prozac
  30. Erroll Flynn Was A Motherfucker


Matty Luv (Solo)

No cover art available

Live at the Pink Palace



Us vs. Them 7" - 1994

Truth About Fonzie Communications

  1. Crepe Paper Hearts
  2. The Naked Cult of Hickey
  3. Everyone's a Whore
  4. Last Night on the Planet

Includes "You Bet Your Sweet Ass I’m A Turtle" #3.


Ain't No

This Ain’t No Fucking Melodic Punk 7" - 1995

Probe Records

w/ Ringwurm, Turbonegro, Loudmouths, Hickey, Whopper Breath, and Mens Club

  1. Cool Kids Attacked By Flying Monkeys


hickeylp hickey ep

Self Titled LP/CD - 1995

Probe Records

  1. Believe
  2. 40oz of Bad Karma
  3. Basic Tips for Squirrel Hunting Success
  4. Sean’s Mohawk
  5. California Redemption
  6. Her Prosthetic Hands
  7. Stupid Sun
  8. War of the Supereogs
  9. Treadle of the Loom
  10. Sleepin’ Cowboy
  11. In the Beginning


From The Depths Bonus 7" - 2023

Thrillhouse Records

  1. The Scene
  2. Hang Gliding Thru The Ice Age
  3. Reindeer Games
  4. When I‘m Drunk



Art, Messianism, & Crime 7"- 1995

Last Resort Records

  1. Everything I Know About Sex I Learned From KISS
  2. Waiting For The Swelling To Go Down
  3. Lost Lil’ Sheep
  4. The Kittens Will Have Their Say

Comes in a big fold out news print sleeve with lots of text from Matty.


hickeyGaia_havana1 hickeyGaia_havana2 hickeyGaia_havana3 hickeyGaia_havana4

Gaia 7" - 1995

Little Deputy Records

  1. Havana Hard Time
  2. Bad Things Will Happen
  3. Gaia



Frontline Foundation - CD - 1996

Loony Bin records & Black Tar Records

  1. Happily Ever After (Live) (Same version as Hap's Tabasco Incident.)



Group Therapy Explosion… CD - 1996

Slow to Burn Records

  1. My last night on the planet (live): Memorial day, 1995 in San Rafael.



Back Asswards CD Compilation - 1996

Interbang Records, OH

  1. Food Stamps and Drink Tickets (Alt recording)



Hickey/Fuckface Split 7" - 1996

Shapunk Records

  1. New Anthem For America's Disenfranchised
  2. Revenge Of The Mole People



Scene though My Eyes - CD - 1997

Shapunk Records

  1. The export of coffee beans from Chiapas Mexico should benefit the people of Chiapas Mexico, not foreign corporate interests. (Recorded live Oct. 27, 1997 broadcast 91.3 FM Tucson community radio.)


hickeyVBFCover hickeyVBFInsert hickeyVBFRecord

VBF Hickey Split “Another Blow to the Soft White Underbelly” 7" - 1997

Yucky Bus Records

  1. Divine Comedy Cantos 1 & 2 Or: Preaching To The Perverted



Hickey, The Naked Cult of;
“Various States of Disrepaire” Complete Works 1994-96
CD - 1997

Poverty Records

Repressed by S.P.A.M. Records in 2003

Available at Interpunk.com

  1. Crepe Paper Hearts
  2. The Naked Cult
  3. Everyone is a Whore
  4. Last Nite on the Planet
  5. Make Sure There Aren't Any Squares at My Funeral
  6. El Farolito
  7. Hickey is About Long Hair and Getting Laid
  8. Everything I Know About Sex I Learned From KISS
  9. Waiting for the Swelling to go Down
  10. Lost 'lil Sheep
  11. The Kittens Will Have Their Say
  12. Happily Ever After
  13. Havana Hard Time
  14. Bad Things Will Happen
  15. Gaia
  16. Cool Kids Attacked by Flaying Monkeys
  17. Revolution $19.95
  18. Inst. (BARF EGO)
  19. Hey Cutie Pie
  20. The Prettiest Junkie in Town
  21. Revenge of the Mole People
  22. New Anthem for Amerikas Disenfranchised
  23. The Only Lesbian in Tulsa, OK

2012 2xLP reissue LP - 2012

1-2-3-4 Go! Records

  1. Lady Naugahyde
  2. Food Stamps And Drink Tickets
  3. Hickey Blvd.
  4. The Naked Cult (Alt. Version)
  5. Hickey's Divine Comedy
  6. The Export Of Coffee Beans From Chiapas Mexico…
  7. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
  8. Robots Never Cry
  9. My Last Nite On The Planet (Live)



Viva La Vinyl Volume 2 - LP - 1997

Deadbeat Records

  1. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf



Death To False Metal CD - 1997

Probe Records

Punk bands cover 80’s metal w/ Fuckface, KPF, Betty's Love Child, Rudiments, Limecell, Lopez, Schlong, One Eye Open, Your Mother, Bar Feeders, Muscle Bitches, Randy, Slackjaw, HICKEY, Towel, Lost Goat, Fuckemos/Piss, Busrider.

  1. Hickey: Kingdom Come (Manowar cover)



Joey Vindictive Presents… That Was Now, This Is Then CD - 1997

VML Records

  1. American In Me (Avengers cover)



Voodoo Glow Skulls / HICKEY split 7" - 1997

Probe Records

  1. Food Stamps and Drink Tickets
  2. Voodoo Glow Skulls Death Threats



Mission Accomplished: Music From San Francisco’s Mission District - CD - 1998

Dill Records

  1. Hickey: Hickey Blvd



Worse than Alternative It’s Another Punk Comp - CD - 1999

tREND iS dEAD! Records

  1. Robots Never Cry


hickeyAxhandleComp01 hickeyAxhandleComp02

Axhandle Punk Compilation - CD - 199?

Axhandle Records

  1. Hey Cutie Pie


No cover art available

Hickey Live at Haps - The Tabasco Incident

  1. Entire Set



Another 7 inch With A Girl On The Cover 7" - 1996

Probe Records

With Fuckface, Charles Bronson, Plaight, Your Mother, Yogurt

  1. Yogurt: Gravity
  2. Yogurt: Tracy CA



Mission Accomplished: Music From San Francisco’s Mission District - CD - 1997

Dill Records

  1. Yogurt: untitled



The Joe Tape - 1998


  1. Another Boxing Dope Addict for Christ
  2. Cars are the Dinosaurs of the Future
  3. Reagan Still Sucks
  4. Lost & Found
  5. Cavities
  6. Just Because I Have Hair Like Spock Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Have Any Feelings
  7. I’m Not Afraid of Chemicals
  8. Never Obey

No cover art available

Live Recording - Dec 1998 or Jan 1999

Starcleaners by Bochay

  1. Cars Are The Dinosaurs Of Tomorrow... Today

Ramones Maniacs - Tribute CD - 2001

trend is dead! records

  1. Beat on the Brat


yogurtMonotonyCover yogurtMonotonyinsert

The All Seeing Monotony - Five band compilation CD

Nothing Enterprises

Yogurt, Brain Blood Volume, Outfit, The Unit Breed, Anhedonia

  1. Boxing Dope Addict
  2. Cars are the Dinosaurs of Tomorrow
  3. Reagen Still Sux
  4. Lost and Found
  5. Cavities
  6. Hair Like Spock
  7. I’m Not Afraid of Chemicals
  8. Why Must You Bleed So Much
  9. Road Called Shame



Fear of the Nothing CD compilation - 2000

Nothing Enterprises

With Bongzilla, The Unit Breed, Greaseland, Brain Blood Volume, Federation X, Booby Hatch, Yogurt, Ringwurm, Godstomper, Lopez, Anhedonia, Couples for Christ, Black Cat #13, Cavity, Ansazi, Apeface, Your Mother, Shut the Fuck up, Reina Aveja, Emo Summer, Lesser of Two, Shitty Wikkets, Artimus Pyle, State Faire Apocalypse, Dead Air Frequency, Nonotonashhfuck, Noothgrush. Track 7. Sarramonte Mall

  1. Yogurt - Sarramonte Mall



Volume One: The Blood Unbinds The Dragon - 2020


  1. Come Into My Mind
  2. Marry Me
  3. Zero Return
  4. Serramonte Mall
  5. The Roar of the Wookie
  6. Asti Spumante
  7. Egg Salad Girl
  8. Til The Day I Die
  9. Daniel Boone
  10. Shit Goddamn
  11. Ay Carumba
  12. A Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do
  13. Small Town Boy
  14. These Crossed Eyes
  15. YMCA Swimming Pool
  16. Blacktown

Volume Two: “HEROES’ - 2020


  1. Theme From "El Bandito del Amor"
  2. Bullet For My Head
  3. Prozac
  4. Rock Song #2,136
  5. Rock Song #2,136 reprise
  6. Heroes
  7. Road Called Shame
  8. My Lady Friend
  9. Rise and Fall
  10. Taxi Cab del Muerte
  11. Theme from "Gettin' High With My Friends"
  12. Plastic Jesus
  13. Gravity
  14. Louise
  15. Larvae!!!

Volume Three: The Dogs Are Out Tonight - 2020


  1. Ivy League Clown Fight Song
  2. Capn' Matty's Seafood Shanty
  3. Feed Me
  4. Even the Dog Shit Tastes Good
  5. Monsters Everywhere
  6. Too Close to the Fucking Sun
  7. Real Men Cook Their Heroin in the Belly of a Goat
  8. Roller Derby
  9. Break My Bones
  10. Flux-O-Teen
  11. Prom Nite Evisceration
  12. Sitting on a Porch in Georgia
  13. Dance of the Molecules
  14. The Dogs Are Out Tonight
  15. Reno part 2
  16. 309
  17. The End of the World

Volume Four: Chromatic Mysteries Oblumber - 2020


  1. Intro
  2. Corduroy & Forsaken
  3. God Damn Dog
  4. The Gardener of Eden
  5. The How
  6. Lady Naugahyde Rots in the Slam
  7. Lay It On!
  8. Everything Tends Towards Disorder
  9. Lacy's Sunshine part 1
  10. Lacy's Sunshine part 2
  11. Brides
  12. Surfing with Iommi
  13. Snot On My Tie
  14. Old Hogan's Goat
  15. Bigfoot Country
  16. I’m Not Afraid of Chemicals
  17. Cars Are the Dinosaurs of the Future
  18. David Coverdale's Hair
  19. Talk About Cars
  20. Lacy's Sunshine part 3
  21. Uh
  22. Revolution 9.5
  23. Revolution 10.0
  24. Until the Day I Die

Come On Death - 2021


  1. After Party
  2. Crack Baby
  3. Dirty
  4. Freezing
  5. Heartbeat
  6. Hot Dog
  7. Me & You Against New Jersey
  8. New Jersey Credit Roll
  9. Megasaur
  10. Mouth
  11. Robots
  12. Sweet Retribution
  13. That One
  14. The Birth of the Bad
  15. The Boardwalk
  16. The Shadow Song
  17. Why Not?

Dr. Dre Del


Death To False Metal 2 - CD - 1999

Probe Records

  1. Dr. Dre Del is the Master
  2. Flash of the Mohel



California Creamin’ - CD comp - 1999

Bandai Music, Japan

Both songs taken from Mic of Defiance album shown above.

  1. Yogurt: Come Into My Mind
  2. Yogurt: Revolution # 9 1/2
  3. Dr. Dre Del: A Brand New Friend
  4. Dr. Dre Del: Dating Game


Unit Breed

No cover art available

Shoddy Recording to learn the lines - 2002

Nothing Enterprises

Matty played guitar on tracks 1-4 wrote music for Three Months Forever

  1. Sorry to Stare at you change night into day
  2. Unspoken Conversation
  3. Road Sign America
  4. Three Months Forever

No cover art available

Four Song 2002 Tour Demo - 2002

Nothing Enterprises

  1. Sorry to Stare at you change night into day
  2. Unspoken Conversation
  3. Three Months Forever
  4. Road Sign America

Songs we played with Matty Luv, Live in Missoula completing his lower 48 plus the 2002 tour demo. - 2002

Nothing Enterprises

Made these for his memorial. One of the last live shows we played together.

  1. When You're drinking with me
  2. Sorry to Stare at you change night into day
  3. Unspoken Conversation
  4. Shipped Wrecked on You - helped write song
  5. Three Months Forever
  6. Another Soul on the wind
  7. Road Sign America

Walking the Death Watch - 2003

Nothing Enterprises

  1. Sorry to Stare at you Change Night into Day
  2. Unspoken Conversation
  3. Three Months Forever


Other bands covering Matty’s songs

No cover art available

The Problem

Drink Tickets

Social Classics

Medley of Cool Kids Attacked By Flying Monkeys and Hickey Blvd, from the full length, "Choose Your Own Ending", 2007. Guest singers: Nate Paisanofrom the Modern Machines, Addie Starand Katherine from Lefty Loosie


Stupid Sun


California Redemption


Food Stamps and Drink Tickets

This Is My Fist!

Cutie Pie

Brad, the one man Damned

Make Sure There Aren’t Any Squares At My Funeral

Terry Malts

Make Sure There Aren’t Any Squares At My Funeral


Hickey Tribute Record - 2020


This is a tribute to HICKEY. The submission deadline for this comp was December of 2003, for a hard release date of February 25, 2020. Good job everyone - we did it! Thanks to all the bands who contributed and sorry this took so long. “Please allow 6-8 years for delivery…” credits released February 25, 2020. Hats off to Probe Records and Little Deputy Records for routinely *almost* putting this out.